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  1. 671reivajmit

    671reivajmit New Member

    I left my phone unattended and my toddler got a hold of the phone and when I was able to retrieve the unit, it was too late. Unfortunately, I do not remember my username and password to my gmail account. Can anyone help me bypass or unlock this?

    FYI, I am able to receive calls but cannot use any other functions of the phone.

  2. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    Your gonna have to call boost mobile 1-888-boost4u its gonna probably be a pain in the keester to get a live rep(maybe not though.) but when you do tell them that your phone is locked just tell them you can't specify if its a security or sim card lock and you need them to unlock it they should be able to from their end they will just need your number and 4 digit pin to access your boost account.

    Let me know if this works out for you.
  3. Guito

    Guito New Member

    You can do a reset that takes your phone back to out of the box state. Just follow this procedure bellow:
    press and hold the "up and down volume, the green call button, the circle enter button and the red call end button" and hold until you see a box with an arrow pointing to a phone and then release. Be warned this will erase everything on the phone but not the sim. So all messages, email and apps will be gone!!!!
  4. GidgetNoob-Midgit

    GidgetNoob-Midgit New Member

    call 1-877-855-6673 and when you hear the auto-operator, dial 88 and you should be transfered immediately. If not you'll at least bypass the menu quicker.
  5. Sprint01

    Sprint01 New Member

    Motorola i1 Hard Reset when Locked out with pattern lock.

    The only way is to perform a hard reset of the phone. You WILL LOSE ALL your data in the phone. To hard Reset the phone with pattern lock-out follow these steps below:


    Press and Hold Both the up and Down volum keys at the same time
    also press the green send key and the center ok button at the same time and press the Power key .... Yes you have to press ALL these keys at the same time... When you see a pictire of a box and an arrow you can release all the buttons and let it complete the reset... DONE and the phone will work in a few minutes.
  6. snakeq

    snakeq New Member

    I had this same problem and it was driving me nuts, when I finally tried to do a Hard Reset I got a message while powering on instead of the motorola logo. It said something like MBM something and Zeus something, and then it said OK to program connect cable.

    Then I came up with this webpage that solved my issue, hope it works for everyone else.

    It basically says that after you are locked up and it asks for your google credentials, you write your username, and then in the password field write null. That worked for me.

    Unlock Android phone after too many pattern attempts | pinnapedia
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  7. number1

    number1 New Member

    omg... u are a lifesaver.. for 2days all I had been hearing was that there was no help but having my phone wiped cleaned...I am sooo glad I found this site and ur post... thank u thank u thank u.....
  8. nbeene2569

    nbeene2569 New Member

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I have been on the phone for 2 days with boost and Motorola which both have told me that they couldn't help me, I would have to send my phone in and pay to have it restored. THis post help me save over a $100.00 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THE INFO
  9. sprint is lame

    sprint is lame New Member

    Sprint/Nextel store was no help, wanted me to buy a new phone....Motorola was going to replace it but it would take over a week after I sent it to them with my box on my dime.

    THIS WORKED! I tried without a password at all, that doesn't work, but when you write null it does. Thank you, not even the Sprint store knew this!
  10. timbuk2

    timbuk2 Well-Known Member

    Oddly, this did prompt a notice that said I had tried the wrong pattern 5 times and to try another one in 20 seconds, but nothing ever happened. Still locked out screen telling me too many pattern tries. Last time it happened, resetting my password worked but not this time. I can log in online but not my phone. Captivate.

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