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    Dec 16, 2011
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    I had a pattern unlock but my friends tried to many times to guess it and locked my out. I have the option to type in my gmail user name and password but it says invalid username or password. I am 100% sure I am not mistaking my user name or password because I can login online on a computer just fine. I had the Google 2 step verification set up but I removed it now and still no luck. I have tried taking my battery out for an extended period of time but no luck still. I called Sprint and they said it could be unlocked at a store, I drive to the Sprint store and they say all they can do is hard reset my device! I really need to avoid this because I don't have my picture or application data backed up and it would be hard to deal with losing that. What can I do to avoid a hard reset? Please help!! I'm on Gingerbread with my Samsung Epic 4g Touch btw. I'm using the swype keyboard, doubt that that's the problem though.

    Edit: Just solved the problem! It was with my battery saver app blocking the internet connection when I was trying to login! Yay no hard reset!


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