Locked out of my Samsung Galaxy S!!

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  1. Aloha

    Aloha New Member

    Hello people.. I'm locked out of my Samsung Galaxy s! it wont let me in. ive tried my original pattern ive tried everything! i dont have gmail on it right now but once i get it unlocked or if i ever get it unlocked, im putting it on there! anyway, the password has been entered to many times! i really neeed help a.s.a.p.!!!!! Im so frustrated and i dont want to get a new phone becuase i just got it yesterday! So please help me anything!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused::confused::confused::confused::eek::(

  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Welcome! You need to wipe your phone, unfortunately.

  3. Aloha

    Aloha New Member

    ??? uh??
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    If you have no gmail address entered into your phone you have to do a factory reset to get back in, unfortunately.

    If you did put have a gmail address you could have put it in with the word .. null .. as the password and it would have prompted you to reset the lock code.

    PM me if you need any more help.

  5. Aloha

    Aloha New Member

    OKay thanks now what do i do when i get there??
  6. bigdroid

    bigdroid Well-Known Member

    If the phone has been activated with your number try the last four of the cell
  7. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

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