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Locked out of my Tablet forgot password

  1. jbrian420

    jbrian420 Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet 7'' and I installed Application Protection. Well I forgot the password and now I can't access any of the settings or most of the apps. I really don't want to hard reset it because I have alot of stuff that I will loose that is not on the sd card. I have used adb before on my droid x but unfortunately usb debugging is not enabled on my tab to access it. I can't enable it in the os. The only unrestricted access I have to my knowledge is the recovery console, which allows me to factory reset(last resort) or update.zip. I have been playing with an update.zip creator script and was wondering is there a way to enable usb debugging with an update.zip or more likely remove the application protection app with an update.zip.

    I would appreciate any help...

  2. kasonn1e

    kasonn1e New Member

    My son has a Samsung Galaxy Tab (7" - P1000) - he changed the password and forgot it and cannot get into it to do anything.

    HOW can we reset or resolve this?


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