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  1. thaKing

    thaKing Well-Known Member

    Just got my S3 last night, so far so good....except the weather on the lock screen. It's driving me crazy, it's showing Jonestown and not my location. I cannot find anywhere to change this. The Accuweather widget is set to my location, but not on the lockscreen. My wife's is accurate, though. Where do I change/update the city for the lockscreen? I know how to turn it off, just not where to change it.

  2. thaKing

    thaKing Well-Known Member

    no one knows where to set the city for the weather on the lockscreen???
  3. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    You might have to change the refresh rate so that the lockscreen stays in step with the main widget. It's in settings > Security > Lockscreen Options
  4. newtoandroid99

    newtoandroid99 Well-Known Member

    The default weather app has always been crap. For me it usually shows the wrong city, other weather apps work fine, just not accuweather. I have tried everything to fix it and nothing does, sadly there is no way to change it. I even manually set the app to the right city, but the lock screen weather still reads it's location wrong.
  5. Droid.Incredible

    Droid.Incredible Well-Known Member

    The AccuWeather app is not accurate for city location. If it's close enough, just let it go. LOL!
  6. thaKing

    thaKing Well-Known Member

    @jerofld - set to refresh at 1hr intervals. Weather updates, just incorrect city.
    @newtoandroid99 - that's exactly what I'm seeing. I've set it correctly in the widget, but still no update on the lockscreen.
    @Droid.Incredible - city is not even close. Never heard of it. :)

    Looks like I'll just remove it from the lockscreen...Thanks for verifying that I'm not crazy. I've looked through the widget and settings a million times looking to correct this.
  7. brightstar52

    brightstar52 Member

    My Galaxy SII has the same problem. It shows some other city weather instead of my actual location on lock screen.
    any suggestions please......
  8. ldivinag

    ldivinag Well-Known Member

    i posted about this same issue a few weeks ago. this is what i learned.

    imagine your city to be a one long rectangular city. say 20 miles wide by 1 mile tall.

    now you live in the eastern side right by the border. the city to east of you, close to the border has a weather reporting site. now the closest weather reporting site in your city is all the way to the western edge.

    so naturally, you would assume that your S3 would use that site. but the weather uses the closest thing to you. which just happens to be the one in the "wrong" city.

    now if you were to drive west and park yourself for an hour or so (or whatever the setting you set to check for weather updates), you will see that your S3 will finally see that weather reporting site that is in your city.

    but as soon as you drive back to your house... eventually, it will report the weather from the other city...

    confused some more???? ;)
  9. brightstar52

    brightstar52 Member

    Ah that.... while it sounds plausible why we can't have an option to actually choose a weather station on the lock screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be simple eneough.. any suggestions are welcome......
  10. WAWood8

    WAWood8 Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, there is no "weather station selection" option.

    I found I could set a Zip code -- but then, I always got weather for that code, nowhere else. If I leave it set to Location, it grabs weather for the nearest working zipcode.

    This has always worked poorly in terms of selection options -- all the way back to the Droid Incredible (1) days.
  11. rookie789

    rookie789 Active Member

    I encountered the same problem when my phone was new and after many attempts to correct it went to a local Sprint store that has a tech and does in house repairs. Sadly I don't remember the sequence of settings he changed but it can be corrected.
  12. roughyear

    roughyear New Member

    Click on the Lock Screen weather... click on the plus sign + ... click on Current Location.. that how it resets you... click on the city/location it finds... BOOOOMMMM .. there u have it
  13. brightstar52

    brightstar52 Member

    I am using a galaxy sii and am wondering about the suggestion. Screen is locked and no clicks work as long as it is locked. If i unlock the screen, the weather goes away.. Naturally.....maybe it is different in siii......?
  14. johnny340

    johnny340 New Member

    I 'click' on my lock screen and BOOOMM I get to my home screen because that's what a lock screen is. So how do I adjust the widget on it?
  15. dayslaw

    dayslaw New Member

    If you tap the weather screen widgit, it goes to your selected cities. Then tap your phone's menu (lower left of my Galaxy S3), you get a choice of delete, edit or setting. Tap the Edit, and it sends you the a screen with the current location. Turn off the current location, and your widgit should then use the city you added, not the stupid default one that is likely not anywhere near you. You would think that you would use "Delete" not "Edit," or at least "Settings," which is what I kept trying until I thought that I might as well try "edit."
  16. phanmisha

    phanmisha New Member

    @OP, @newtoandroid99 - I had exactly the same problem with my Galaxy SIII (SPH-L710 running Android 4.1.2). I read all the proposed solutions above & most or all were either irrelevant, off course or misunderstandings of the problem. Then I tried this unbelievably simple fix & it worked! I don't have a clue why.
    1. Went to the LOCK SCREEN settings menu & clicked LOCK SCREEN OPTIONS. WEATHER was already selected ON.
    2. Clicked on WEATHER & selected AUTO REFRESH, which was already set at the minimum EVERY 1 HOUR.
    3. Changed the refresh rate to NONE and then back to 1 HOUR.
    4. Locked the screen again, which now displayed the correct temperature in my actual location!!
    Go figure! I will see if this is a stable solution over time. Hope this works for you. I see now you have the GSM version (mine is CDMA) & I don't know what firmware version or Android version you're now running ... so this fix may not work for you.)
  17. galinkapi

    galinkapi New Member

    I fixed this problem by using "Find current location" for main (desktop) widget: I opened main AccuWeather widget settings, click on "+" icon and then click on "Find current location" button. I spent some time trying it to find my location (it tried but every time ended up with error), then I went near to the window and use one of the GPS app to make sure my phone understands where I am right now. After that it found my location and used it for dock widget automatically.

    P.S. It looks like it shares location for desktop and dock widget and if you make it work for main AccuWeather widget it will work for dock as well.
  18. note4er

    note4er New Member

    I finally got it! Just click on the location on your homesreen. Then select the menu thing w 3 lines and 3 dots. In that menu it lists your locations. Go to menu and choose "select", then you can select any location and delete the wrong one!

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