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    I am building one now for it. I coded it in C++. Thats one reason why it has taken so long since most apps for android are in java. I will still need to port it over using android C++ NPK. It might take awhile. It is a master key, depth and spacing app, not a key code app. However everything will come in time.
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    I use the same program, so we installed it on the server and just connect to the server with any connection app. Ipad works best me for this but a phone will work
  4. You could run that software you mentioned – the full application! – remotely on your PC from your phone with e.g. free Teamviewer.
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    So basically people will be running around opening doors? Great
  6. Yep. Smartphones are the new masterkeys. No more breaking and entering. This is the 21st century! Just entering. No self respecting burglar can afford to go without a smartphone anymore. And how else would CSI reproduce his tracks for the court case? :D
    They're indispensable.
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