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  1. voodoochild16

    voodoochild16 Well-Known Member

    So I have a Samsung Galaxy, and everytime I use the regular browser to sign into hotmail it stays stuck at "https://login.live.com Sign In". It's a blank page when it finishes loading. It's been like this for about a week. So i tried the Opera Mini browser for the android, and I can't log in because it makes me retype in my username after I enter the password, so I cannot log in at all in the first place. There is no app for checking my hotmail except for Hot Email, which doesnt work. If I use the Mail app, it downloads my emails (I think) and I just want to check it right off the browser as usual, anyone having the same problems?.

  2. bhamadicharef

    bhamadicharef New Member

    same for me HTC dream OS 1.6 ... it is rather annoying as it as always worked before...
  3. 666GSR

    666GSR New Member

    I have had this same issue, I found from the MSN home screen that comes up if I select Messenger instead of mail it logs in then select back and then mail again and it works, its a nuisance but works

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