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  1. iNeedHelp0315

    iNeedHelp0315 New Member

    I need help with logging out of facebook....or logging out of the chat on facebook......or just deleting some of the old active chats. Please help. Thanks.

  2. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    Assuming you're using the Facebook App, hit the left hand menu key on the phone to pop up a "Go Offline" prompt when you want to leave Chat. On your home page that loads when you log on, tap the "facebook" logo in the top bar, which brings up the full Facebook menu options page. Tap the phone's left hand menu key and you'll get an option to log out.

    FYI, if you do log out, you'll need to re-enter your login information to get back in.

    Hope that helps.

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