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  1. simmy24601

    simmy24601 New Member

    Hi there, a friend was testing out a phone for me and logged onto their google account and helped me install a bunch of apps and whatnot. I was wondering if anyone could help tell me how I could log out of his google account because so far I haven't found a way...

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    Any apps you have installed will be associated with his google account. If you have purchased apps using his email, then you will lose them. Any free apps you can download again, just make a note of which ones.

    You can clear the data and cache in Menu>settings>Applications>Manage Applications (if you have android 2.1 you need to then press Menu again and Filter>All) and find any of the Google based programmes Gmail/Google Talk/Market off the top of my head.

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