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Logitech bluetooth keyboard for ipad -works for NOTE!!!Tips

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  1. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member


    I thought i'd share this with you.

    I just bought a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard which specifically is promoted as "FOR IPAD" for my galaxy note. It works very well indeed. No pairing issues and MOST keys are fully compatible including the shift characters on the top row and the function volume up down, media controls, home button etc.

    a couple of mislabled keys Ive yet to find th ' and @ keys and

  2. LeoTB

    LeoTB New Member

    Hi sala43,
    thanks to your experience, i can go ahead to buy the Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad to use it with my iPad (primarily) and also my Android phone (less often) although it is Samsung Galaxy SII - but I trust it works similarly as the Galaxy Note. :)
  3. jwp99

    jwp99 New Member

    Hi, saw your post. I have the similar setup (Note3, KitKat 4.4.2 & Logitech Keyboard for iPad) but cannot get the them to pair. Keyboard works fine with iPad. Any ideas? Thanks!

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