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  1. tjh011

    tjh011 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any idea if this will work with the Harmony Link App without buying the product since this tablet already has IR? The built in remote seems pretty basic. If it could access the Harmony functionality without paying for the blaster would be great.

    Link to Logitech Harmony Link Website

  2. adubrovs

    adubrovs New Member

    Can you download the Harmony Link App without buying the device?
  3. tjh011

    tjh011 Well-Known Member

    Too soon to tell as the device doesn't come out until October. Just looking for some speculation. I would suspect you would be able to get the app from the market rather than ship it with the device.
  4. tjh011

    tjh011 Well-Known Member

    I download the app today and it says it is not compatible with this version of android. So as of now it doesnt support tablets with honeycomb. Bummer

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