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  1. Vinnydude

    Vinnydude Well-Known Member

    I have 3 problems that have come about since updating my s4 to lollipop, the most recent I've noticed is video playback freezes.

    I play a video, either through my browser on a random website stream, or youtube itself is doing it too, and after 3-5 seconds, the video freezes, sound continues for about 3 seconds more, then the video continues with the audio out of sync.

    Watching any video is ruined.

    If anyone can help with my other two queries they are these:

    1. When I recieve an sms, it isn't displaying the names anymore, despite them being in my contacts list and showing in messanger. It's only lock screen notifications not showing the name!

    2. The mobile carrier is showing in my notifications bar and it is constantly tricking me into thinking I have notifications when i glance at my phone!

    Cheers in advance.

  2. Thundy

    Thundy New Member

    Yeap! Exact same problems. Also, when i browse in a video, it will play ok for about 3 seconds and then freeze again with the above results. Extremely annoying! Have you tried hard reset? I don't want to... :-D

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