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Long delay before dialing after tapping contact.Support

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  1. kickshots

    kickshots New Member

    I see there have been reports of this on other handsets but not necessarily the HOX. What happens is when I press a contact phone number, it sometimes will start dialing but other times it will do nothing at all. I can tap the number several times and nothing happens other than the visual indication that I've tapped. Then 10, 15 seconds, even sometimes minutes later it will start dialing... and dial every number I've tapped since the first one.

    Please help! AT&T said they've not heard of this issue. Said it's likely a hardware problem but since I've seen it reported on other Android phones, maybe not?

  2. twixer

    twixer Member

    Have you got multiple duplicate contacts? this can cause a delay in selecting, subsequently dialling..? just a thought
  3. rugbyandroid

    rugbyandroid Active Member

    I seem to have exactly the same problem. Never had this issue before with an HTC or any other smart phone (I'm on my 3rd HTC).

    Anyone else having this issue?
  4. KBent

    KBent Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have this issue. I press the contact for it to dial and it sometimes takes 10-15 seconds before it actually starts.
  5. baj1

    baj1 New Member

    Same problem here with Samsung GS2. Big delay (sometimes, but not always), and if I press the dial button several times, it will repeat the dialing of the call that many times after I hang up the first call. Very annoying. Rebooting phone seems to help, but the frequency of this issue keeps increasing and it's getting annoying to reboot every day.
  6. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    When you reboot your phone, how long would you say that it helps for on average? I am trying to discern if it's an issue where the RAM in the phone is having trouble reallocating, or something else.

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