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  1. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    This is starting to bug me....when ever I type up a longer text than 2 or 3 sentences...it won't send...even after i resend over and over and over.....what gives?

  2. reilus

    reilus Well-Known Member

    Is this dependent on location? Perhaps it has something to do with the towers?
  3. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    Long messages are being converted into multimedia messages, which is like sending data over the network. I noticed If you don't have Meto Data on (it does not work over wifi) you can not send multimedia messages.
  4. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    My data is on : \

    and I can send pics and stuff fine, its just when i type a long text, it won't send.
  5. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    Are you passing the 160 char mark?
  6. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    After 160 its converter to mms and will send like a pic does over the data network
  7. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    That sucks. Is this a Metro thing or an android thing? On AT&T my previous phones (standard, feature and smartphone) just told you your SMS was going to split into 2 or more SMS messages which was easier.
  8. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    nope.. a little before the 160 mark....it just keeps saying..message not sent..and usually when that happens on short messages..the person still receives it....but not in this case...I think i was only at like maybe 80 characters
  9. alexxseven

    alexxseven Well-Known Member

    ok let me clear a few things for you all, :)
    the 160 mark converts it to a MMS because thats a CDMA limitation, as far as i know at least. my experience with that is people getting a jumbled up message afterwards, my only solution, use an app called GoSMS, its useful for auto splitting messages longer than 160.
    as for the less than 80 and not sending, it might be a metro issue.
  10. Insanecrane

    Insanecrane Well-Known Member

    I assume you are using the stock messaging app. I use Handcent and you can set it to split anything over 160 char. I've never had an issue sending shorter messages either.

    You might want to look into just changing from the stock app to fix the issue.
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  11. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    I was not using stock app

    I had GO SMS

    I found the issue..

    issue is GO SMS and Handcent..

    since the stock app does all the work...GO SMS or Handcent...for some reason...is stopping the stock app from converting.....so the message never sends...as soon as I go to app drawer...and open stock...and press the message so it re- puts everything back in the type box..it then converts automatically..and then when I hit send.. my data arrows light up and do what it needs to do.....so I ditched GO SMS, and now am just using the stock app which seems to not have any issues.. just dont like the fact that the screen doesnt light up with the stock app
  12. Insanecrane

    Insanecrane Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I'm still not clear on why the stock app isn't breaking it down through go or Handcent. I use Handcent as I said and once I changed the settings to break it, it did it no problem.

    Either way if you are satisfied with the issue being resolved then I guess there's no need to explore the issue anymore.
  13. popovpumpkin

    popovpumpkin Well-Known Member

    you can always download "SMS Popup by Adam K" from the android market.. it gives you a popup screen (lights up) and you can set reminders just incase you don't hear your text the first time.
  14. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Well-Known Member

    I would take it to a corporate store. It might need a refresh or reprogramming. Try pulling the battery for about 2 minutes then put it back in and see if that helps.
  15. Shocker007

    Shocker007 New Member

    hey guys.... Im still having this problm.... Im using samsung galaxy fit... whenever i try to forward long text messages it just keeps converting to multemedia msg.... Im not using any app for sending the sms.... just the default one.....

    i found that the problem is just after crossing 198 characters... ie.. 66 * 3

    hope i find a solution soon.... please help guys.....
  16. dscottboggs

    dscottboggs New Member

    I was having this issue recently, and I thought it was just my new phone. I had go SMS on both phones, and the new one wasn't splitting up messages longer than 160. Apparently you have to change a setting in the menu in Go SMS under "send settings". Fixed the problem for me, but I must say I feel quite idiotic.
  17. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Well-Known Member

    the stock message apps doesnt split messages it converts them to mms and they take forever.. if you use go sms or handsent there is an option to split messages after 160 characters, this will makes your messages send immediately. metropcs ahd always had problems witht he time it takes to send an MMS, the nly reason i used those messaging apps was for the splitting of messages. but if you flash a cm7 rom to your phone this option is built in and the need for either of hose 2 apps is no longer. another nice feature that built into cm7.. making the stock messaging app have a black on white theme instead of the stock white on black
  18. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    Ok, I've been reading a few of these posts and I think some are giving false info.

    If I'm not mistaken 160 is the limit for a single SMS message. If your using a 3rd party app ( ChompSMS, Handcent, GoSMS, etc) it will split the messages according to your setting within the apps settings menu.

    I use Handcent (tried all but found Handcent to be my fav) and chose the split 160 by word. with or without counter doesn't really matter as it only adds the 1/2 or 1/3 at the beginning of the message to give u reference to what part of the message you see.

    Only after 3 FULL sms messages will the phone convert to a MMS message. So if your having issues sending SMS under 160 I would say it has to be your location or the messaging app your using (settings may have got changed).

    I have noticed using Handcent that sending actual picture (MMS) sometimes won't send or receive (just continues to say "downloading"). But using the stock messaging app it will send and recieve.

    If using a 3rd party messaging app, check the settings and make it default for both SMS and MMS and see if that works out for you. Check the split options and keep in mind "simple split" will split in the middle of a word if needed, while the other 160 split by word will stop at the end of a word and send the next one where the first left off. Check the default messaging settings for auto receive and disable notifications if you use a 3rd party app and don't want double notifications.

    So I'm just saying I don't think anything over 160 is converted to MMS, but rather anything over 480 characters is converted to MMS.
  19. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    You my friend are wrong. I write 161 characters and it says converting to mms message. I barely write paragraphs as texts so I leave it as it is. Im just finding if theres an option to change the maximum limit.
  20. bobdamnit

    bobdamnit Well-Known Member

    You both are wrong. (On Reppards CM7.1 ROM, anyway.)

    If you open the default SMS app, you can set it to split text messages over 160 characters, or have it do the default and convert into an MMS message. Its all in the settings. (Tap the menu button and then settings from within the default SMS app.)

    GO/Handsent/3rd party SMS apps are just not required for this.
  21. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    Who said anything on specific rom? My point taken. Over 160 and it splits(hence the term 161 characters being over 160) Case dismissed. I'm right now trying to edit it to see if it will reach 180 at least.
  22. bobdamnit

    bobdamnit Well-Known Member

    Bit it only does that if YOU set it up that way.

    Otherwise, by default, it will convert it into MMS.

    I don't really see an arguement here. You both are wrong, and correct at the same time.

    While I do believe you can force SMS.apk to accept more than 160 characters, most cell providers cap SMS messages at 160 characters to keep data packets small. Forcing SMS.apk to accept more than 160 characters may just result SMS's stop working.

    Don't quote me on this. Its just a hunch I have with absolutely no proof lol
  23. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    Trust me, I'm not a guy who argues lol. But right now I changed a setting in the mms.apk that finds the SPLIT_MESSAGE_COUNTER or something like that says something like that with a =160 at the end. I changed it to 180. So basically its now like a new app with just one little thing changed.

    EDIT: So I changed the setting to be successful in not converting into an mms. It wont even show the characters you have left counter. It just adds it all in into one huge message. But did not work. Solved it from converting to mms. But not it sending 160. 160 is a limit for all phones. Its a default not by phone but by the proxy. You have to edit the proxy from the carrier for it to be able to exceed 160. But idk if that's legal soooooo I'm going to leave that alone lol.
  24. bobdamnit

    bobdamnit Well-Known Member

    I kind of figured as such lol. I remember back in the day SMS messages had no limit. However the larger your message, the greater chance of that message failing to get to your recipient. It was why the limit was put into place. (Again, just going by memory. I absolutely cannot and have no ambition to prove this lol)

    I wasn't arguing Brandon. Merely holding an educated discussion. Apologies if I made you feel differently.
  25. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    Lol its okay. I was reading it over and over. Your right :p but yeah I didn't take it as an offense :) and I'm sorry if it seemed if I was what the young folks say "getting up in your grill" lol. But yeah it works for me if j send it to myself lol. 170character message to myself as we speak.

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