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  1. Hollandaise

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    May 19, 2012
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    I'm sorry if I do anything wrong here. I have absolutely no forum experience. :(
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate or something.(?)

    Anyways, as the title says, this is a long story. I hope you'll bear with me.
    My samsung galaxy S had been working fine up until I decided to update it. I used Kies Mini. I had to update twice since I there had been two updates since I received it. The first update was perfect. Then, I updated it a second time. When I did, my computer went into sleep mode during the update, and my phone became bricked. Kies noticed this, and gave me instructions on how to flash my phone. I thought I was okay.

    After a while with this great new update, my phone kept unlocking. I thought this was my fault. Turns out, it wasn't. It was my firmware. This continued for a while until my lock button stopped working. I had decided to reflash my phone with odin, but now odin won't recognize my phone.

    When I try to get my phone to download mode, it works. Sadly, my computer, and odin, fail to recognize it. I can't use any other option because of my lock button, and I'm all out of options.

    Thanks a bunch! :D

  2. alpha0990

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    make sure to open odin b4 connecting the phone. also try a different version of odin
  3. Rash

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    Have you got the correct drivers installed.. Try to uninstall current Odin on your computer & reinstall again.. Also try using an older version (I remember Odin v3.x.x something is good)..

    What are you trying to do, update firmware or what..??

    Edit: make sure it's not running in the background as that will certainly interfere..best to uninstall it close kies when using Odin

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