Longer Battery Life Guide for Galaxy S2 4G - 5/29/13

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    Warning Not Responsible To Any Damage Done To Your Device!

    This thread is suppose to help make your Galaxy S2 4G or any other device you might have in your possession at a chance for longer battery life throughout the day without having to carry a charger with you all the time to keep that device running.

    The Guide To Better Battery Life:

    What causes the phone to drain battery? :confused:

    -Large displayed
    -GSM, HSDPA, Wi-fi and GPS
    -Usage style

    Note: Need to be rooted to download some apps.

    What are ways I can solve my battery issue? :(

    Types of applications you will need to download from the Android Market ( Google Play)

    Step 1: Greenify ( free/Paid )

    Description of the application: Greenify help you identify and put the bad behaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in an unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground, similar to iOS apps!

    ROOT is required.

    - Pick the applications on your device that you want to be put into hibernation mode when you are not using them.

    - Should begin to notice better battery life on your device because the application that was always idling in the background is now in deep sleep mode meaning the battery should be lasting much longer.

    Step 2: Battery Doctor ( Free)

    App Description for Battery Doctor: With One-tap power saving, battery doctor can offer customized power-saving suggestions according to your battery juice consumption. It can also give you an estimate time of usage with the current battery level you have. Moreover it would also let you know the different power usage for different activities you do on your Android device.

    I manage to run this app on two of my Galaxy S2 4G's and the battery length doesn't seem to disappoint.

    Step 3: Turn off all location services ( Battery will increase when doing this.)

    Step 4:
    Turn off the motion features in settings ( Battery will increase when doing this.)

    Step 5: Change Screen Display (Battery Doctor changes your display for you to get the best battery life out of your battery) :D

    Quick Tip for brightness:
    - Lower brightness down instead of using the automatic brightness because the device uses sensors to detect rather or the not how bright it should be indoors or outdoors. (

    Step 6: Turn off bluetooth/GPS/Sync ( Battery Doctor will all changes these settings for you to get the best battery life out of your battery) :)

    Step 8:
    Run Battery Calibration ( Optional)

    Step 9: (Optional) Buy 2200/3200/3800mAh extended battery

    Step 10: (Optional) Midnight Rom

    (Optimize phone for maximum battery life)

    -recovery needed (backups/restores)
    - Ability to know how to install a custom rom

    Overclocking ( Included in Midnight Rom) also helps with getting better battery life when underclocking device.

    Note: Device may become unstable when underclocking device.

    The Battery Data:

    1. Galaxy S2 4G - Battery Usage - 13 hours
    Day 1 - 12 hours - Light Use
    Day 2 - 13 hours/14 hours - Heavy Use
    2. Galaxy S2 4G - Battery Usage - 21 hours Extreme Use (Highest)
    Day 1: 21 hours - Heavy Use
    Day 2: unknown

    -White Device (Lasting Longer now)
    -Black Device ( Device is lasting longer everyday)

    Note: Sorry about the second image size being so big.

    Post pictures of the two devices battery data later on.

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    What are your tricks to getting better battery life on your phone? I will add it to the main thread.

    - Post screenshots of your battery usage (Optional)

    Note: Thread is still being polish off to help get the best battery life out of your device.
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    Oh hey :D Thanks for including me ^_^
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    Great advice, especially with midnight rom!

    Not much else you can do!
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    Manage to hit 21 hours (Heavy Use) on my white Galaxy S2 going to be posting picture in a few mins. The black Galaxy S2 did pretty decent today with only 65 percent, while being used for 7 hours so far.
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    I never have luck with apps like Juice Defender or Deep Sleep Battery Saver. Sometimes they won't reconnect to any of the data connections and I have to reboot to get it working again.
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    Never had that issue before but every device is different from each other.
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    Ya, WakeLock Detector is a good one.
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    This is how my battery data looks like. My Phone is at 40%, how am I suppose to reduce it? Because it's killing my batteries.

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