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  1. chezybezy

    chezybezy Active Member

    Am going in hospital for an operation but the (official) supplied cable/ power lead for my HTC desire will be too short.
    What's the best way to get a longer one? normally you struggle with the length of standard official Nokia charger cable length.

    IVe considered:
    New shop bought compatible cable -hopefully longer n gives full power.
    Normal USB extension cable - concerned this isn't made to carry wall socket power/ not full 1000.
    official car charger lead - can this take socket power? There will be a lot of stress on wise and plug to hopefully reach required length.
    Normal shop bought pc USB to mini USB data cable - again can it handle socket power to charge and does it charge at full rate? (Is it mini USB?)

    Any other ideas or thoughts?
    Unfortunately have only just been told and am going in on Thursday early morning, so ordering online would be unwise.

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I wouldn't trust a longer USB cable. Have you thought about a standard power extension and plugging the charger into that instead?
  3. chezybezy

    chezybezy Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, But the hospital won't allow it.
    I agree - I expect some of the USB extensions etc to frankly melt.

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