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  1. humbug

    humbug Member


    I'm new here, and really grateful for the forum. Lots of good advice here - and, of course, I hope someone can help me answer my questions!

    1) Does anyone know how I can lengthen the time that my Hero rings for? It's easy for me to leave the phone at one end of the house, and by the time I get to it it's already gone to voicemail. Argrgh. Even if I could add another ten seconds it would help a lot. Any idea how I do this?

    2) I haven't worked out how to quickly lock the screen. So, for instance, if I want to chuck the phone in my pocket -- at the moment I'm waiting for the screen to time out, which is bonkers.

    Thanks for any help you can give me,

    Yours, so pleased he didn't buy an iPhone..

  2. Wahwah

    Wahwah Well-Known Member

    1. Not sure

    2. Press the end call button.
  3. humbug

    humbug Member

    D'oh! Can't believe I missed that one. Weirdly I had spotted that long-pressing the end call button brought up various options (including turning off the phone) hence I thought it was weird there wasn't an option to lock it!


  4. bodger

    bodger Member

    Hi Humbug,

    I'm not sure about getting longer rings either, but you could try turning off call forwarding when unanswered and see if it gives you a slightly longer ring time.

  5. namtaffy

    namtaffy Member

    grr, well most networks set the ring time to 15 seconds then divert to voicemail. You can change this to a value between 0-30 seconds.

    you have to enter a feature code on the handset (as if dialling a number then hit send)

    *004*<voicemail number>*11*<delay in seconds>#

    so if you want to increase the amount of time the phone rings to 30 seconds and your on orange you punch in


    07973100123 is the standard orange voicemail number

    press call and the phone will confirm the request

    hope this helps

    please note: different operators have different voicemail numbers and can be particular how they are entered for this command, for example Vodafone's voicemail number is 121 and thats exactly how it's entered, but orange needs to be 07973100123 even though 123 and +447973100123 are correct the command will be rejected unless you use 07973100123
  6. jeremyabel

    jeremyabel Member

    Hi Humbug,

    I was wanting to do the same thing - ie extend the ring time before voicemail. If you are on Orange, try this... worked for me.

    Step 1. Key into your phone *#61# then press the call button. This will return a telephone number and, on smartphones such as the Hero, the current delay time before voice mail kicks in .

    Step 2. Write it down. (For Orange, the number should be 0793100123 and the delay 20 seconds)

    Step 3. If you wanted, say, 30 seconds, before the Voice mail activated, then you would put 30 where the nn is in the following string and the telephone number from step 2 where the xxxxxxxx is.

    Key in **61*xxxxxxxxx*11*nn# followed by the call/send button and it should update the delay.

    For example, if I wanted a 30 second delay, I would key in **61*07973100123*11*30#

    To check it worked do step 1 above again and it should report the new delay.

    My HTC Hero on Orange came with a default 20 second delay, and 30 seconds seems to be the longest you can set it for.

    Just done this on my phone and it works great.

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  7. humbug

    humbug Member

    You guys are great. It worked a treat.

    I'm running my Hero on an O2 SIM so used the *#61# trick to get my magic number.

  8. namtaffy

    namtaffy Member

    isn't that *your* mobile number, I'm not certain, but if it is, I'd get it off here!!!
  9. humbug

    humbug Member

    It's not my mobile number.. but maybe it's the number for my vmail.. I dunno. Anyway, removed it just to be safe.

    Thanks for looking out for me! :)
  10. namtaffy

    namtaffy Member

    no probs, I googled it figuring if it was a standard number I'd get a hit, when I got no hits I got a little nervous for you and thought :eek:

    glad to hear it wasn't:D
  11. Wahwah

    Wahwah Well-Known Member

    Great post, thanks.
  12. sleepyEDB

    sleepyEDB Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what the code to dial is for Sprint? I have an HTC Hero for Sprint and would love to extend my ring time before voicemail kicks in...thanks!

    EDIT: Nevermind. It appears that this isn't an option on Sprint. :(

  13. STandroid

    STandroid New Member

    This is a great post - but I have a quick question.

    I'm on O2, and when I use the code to get the voicemail number it comes back with +447567438743 and 15 seconds. Now, the reason I'm sceptical is that all the other numbers here have not been prefixed with an international dialling code...and for those like me who travel, I'm not sure I want an international call made for voicemail!

    What implication do you think this would have when you are abroad?

  14. fonz156

    fonz156 New Member

    you guys are great - just got Hero on 3network *#61# worked for me not great with tech but all the answrs are here
  15. markie-m8

    markie-m8 Well-Known Member

    Handy info on this post with the **#something*#

    Thanks. :)
  16. starfarer

    starfarer Member

    Very good trick and done for Orange UK. Cheers :D
  17. AlfredKalb

    AlfredKalb New Member

    works for the T-Mobile G2 Touch also

    nice one
  18. petefoth

    petefoth Well-Known Member

    I believe it means that accessing voicemail will work the same wherever you are (i.e. long press on the 1 key in the dialler will call voicemail). I keep all the numbers in my phonebook in international format so that they work at home or abroad. If they were stored in the format specific to where you live (e.g in UK 01234 567890) them calling would not work when you are abroad.
    Hope this helps.
  19. Blackbird

    Blackbird Member

    Great thread, thanks :)
  20. rustynuts

    rustynuts Well-Known Member

    The way I done it was just to phone my service provider and ask them to do it seemed like the easiest option for me.
  21. PaulC

    PaulC Active Member

    Same. mine is set to 40 seconds :)

    Failing that, stick your SIM in a windows phone, it has the setting in the control panel.
  22. StNick

    StNick Member

    Thanks for this thread guys, it worked for me in South Africa on the MTN network. It changes only the "voice" divert option though, which is fine for me. *#61# lists a bunch of other divert settings, eg. for fax, data, aysnc etc, and those remained on 20 seconds after the change.

    Anyway, this still feels like a work-around for the real problem of the ringer-delay on the hero. Sometimes, friends and colleagues tell me that my phone ran many times before I picked up, or before it went to voicemail. On my side, it only rings once or twice. Testing this myself proves it. The phone lights up, the trackball flashes, but it only begins ringing quite some time after the call has been placed. Very frustrating.

    Though I don't like to admit it, I think that this is due in large part to the sluggish CPU performance of the Hero. I've tried various ROMS, both official and custom and the problem persists. Sometimes it is more pronounced than others, but I believe this to be a reflection on the number of apps I have running and therefore the amount of available memory (another bugbear of mine; the phone slows down over time).

    Oh well, thanks again. If anyone wants to strike up conversation about the other issues I've listed here, let me know.
  23. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    I don't think it's an issue with amount of apps running etc, because the same thing happens on a just factory reset phone. 1 ring nothing, 2 rings trackball flashes, 3 rings phone starts ringing. I hope it's sorted in the 2.1 upgrade.
  24. jaybea830802

    jaybea830802 Well-Known Member

    I did some testing of this myself, as I have a virtual number which I set to ring my landline and my Hero (OrangeUK) and an old Treo 650 (OrangeUK) simultaneously.

    The results were that the landline rang first, followed 1 second later by the Treo, followed 8 seconds later by the Hero.
  25. pbrstanwood

    pbrstanwood Well-Known Member

    how do i do it with verizon?????

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