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  1. USCellularAndroid

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    I don't really know how this happened... I think it was when I was messing around with the "running services", and I have no idea how to explain it but here it goes...

    So you know when you press the volume up - volume down key, and the little gray box appears on the phone with the green slide bar showing you how loud it is? Or when you set an alarm and it says "this alarm is set for xxx hours from now"? These little messages take a few minutes to show up. Or they won't show at all. If they finally show, they ALL show at once. Like some type of lag.

    It worked fine before, and I think it was because I closed something I shouldn't have. I really don't want to factory data reset my phone.

    Does anyone know the source of this problem?

  2. phidelt82

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    I would download a logcat log dump app. I use "Error adb logcat log dump". After you download it, open it up and hit the menu key. Next, hit the Log Clear key. Then exit and do whatever it is that is having the problem and then go back in to Error Log Dump. Press Log to Logbox and then click on the LogBox. There should be an entry with the date and time. Click on it and it will display the log.

    I can't guarantee that you will understand everything, but it should have the problem in it.
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  3. USCellularAndroid

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    Yeah I just said "F-it" and did the factory reset. Now it works ha

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