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  1. zilla1126

    zilla1126 Member

    I am a bit particular on my cases and since I had my I-Mate Windows Mobile phone in 2004 I have always had a leather "flip" style case such as this one:

    Sena Cases - Designer Leather Cases : Apple-iPhone 3G/3GS-Magnet Flipper

    Anyone know of a leather case for the artix that has a cover that flips up or down?

    The key for me is that I do not want to remove my phone from it's case to use it, yet I want the screen covered when it is in my pocket.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. superlou

    superlou Member

    Awesome looking case. Will keep my eye out for something like that for myself as well.
  3. bigdee33

    bigdee33 New Member

  4. zilla1126

    zilla1126 Member

    Thanks, I bought one and it is on it's way. I was not familiar with Noreve before. Piel Frama is who I look to for high-end cases normally. I e-mailed them and it seems that they are not aware of the atrix as of yet.
  5. superlou

    superlou Member

    Would you mind posting a mini-review of the case when you get it? I'm most curious on how difficult it is to insert/remove the phone from the case and if the cases get in the way of holding it during a call (does the leather flip all the way back easily or is it very stiff)?

    Hopefully some other people would find it helpful also. The Noreve and Piel Frama cases are very slick, but tough to get into my budget. :)

  6. zilla1126

    zilla1126 Member

    At present I would not recommend ordering this case - I e-mailed pdair yesterday to ask them where my case was and they notified me it was out of stock until after 28 mar.

    I'm annoyed but am not cancelling the order.

    I almost suspect that they have never had the case yet and just put it on their website to judge demand.
  7. zilla1126

    zilla1126 Member

    Ok, I received the case - it only took over a month!

    My review is: don't buy it!

    The quality is fine, but the camera hole is in the wrong place - opposite where it should be.

    Please read my updated review below...
  8. superlou

    superlou Member

    Oh well, maybe some of the other 3rd parties will start making flip cases soon. Any chance they'll let you send it back as defective?
  9. zilla1126

    zilla1126 Member

    I'm sorry, I had not got around to updating this "review":

    I was completely in error about the case. The hole I thought was for the camera is actually for the light sensor - so it is where it needs to be.

    There is no camera hole - but the back of the case folds down just enough to clear the whole camera area and flash.

    So, no problems with the case.

    The build quality is good - well worth the money.

    Now when Piel Frama makes a case for it - I'll be buying that.
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  10. superlou

    superlou Member

    Cool. Did you get the vertical flip or horizontal flip (um, case flips upwards when holding phone vertically or case flips to the side when holding phone vertically). Is the phone held securely but removable for docking? Any stress holding open for calls?

    Sorry to nitpick. Your review is much appreciated!
  11. zilla1126

    zilla1126 Member

    This is the specific case I got:
    Leather Case for Motorola Atrix 4G - Flip Type (Black)

    The phone is held very securely in the case, yet it is easily removable.

    Unlike other flip cases I have had for previous phones, it does not interfere with the screen at all.

    I virtually never use the phone without a BT headset or speaker, but I just tried it and the case in no way interferes with using it pressed to your face. Indeed it does not touch your face at any point.

    If I had any criticism at all it would be that since soft padded leather is used, the case is thicker than I expected. This is in no way a problem for me - but others might want a sleeker fit.
  12. bigdee33

    bigdee33 New Member

  13. zilla1126

    zilla1126 Member

    That looks interesting - very slim. Please do report back on it.
  14. bigdee33

    bigdee33 New Member

    This is ridiculous... It took them 2 weeks to finally ship the case, and since its coming from Hong Kong it looks like its going to take another 1 to 2 weeks for it to arrive.
  15. zilla1126

    zilla1126 Member

    Sorry, I forgot the completely unreasonable amount of time it took to get here. It was a little over a month.
  16. bigdee33

    bigdee33 New Member

    Finally, after a month of waiting my case is here.

    First off the case is awesome, but I must rant about the customer service. I placed an order on Apr 13th and received no order confirmation other than a PayPal receipt. I emailed them 6 days later letting them know I have yet to receive an order confirmation or a tracking number… No response. I then sent another email 2 days later threatening to cancel my order if I didn’t get a response back from this email. I finally received a short reply saying the item was out of stock and will ship asap. I was beginning to think I was dealing with Peggy from the Capital One commercials. I received a shipping confirmation 15 days later on Apr 28th and then finally today exactly one month after my initial order, my case arrived.

    The case is very slim, all the cutouts match up perfectly and it doesn’t interfere with the finger print scanner. The magnetic tab at the top is easy to close and yet easy to push open with one finger. The leather feels soft and gives the phone a good grip, and I’m fairly confident that the case will protect the phone if dropped.

    One unexpected feature is that the case will act as a portrait stand (although there is nothing preventing it from falling forward on its face) due to the fact that the screen flap is unable to fold completely backwards.

    I have purchased a metal belt clip (not made for the case) that I’m thinking about fastening to the back. It’s a good then that my case arrived today because just yesterday my Incipio Feather case cracked NOT due to a fall or heavy wear. Do yourself a favor and avoid the Incipio.

    My Pictures of the Melkco Flip Case

    My Picture of cracked Incipio Feather Case
  17. ultradroid

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