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Looking for a belt clip:)Tips

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  1. CmHall9

    CmHall9 Member

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I am looking for a case that I can clip onto my belt.
    Does anyone have a preference?

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  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I moved your post to the Galaxy S3 forum.:)
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  3. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Nooo theyre for dad dads lol :p
    Aparently the ottarbox defender is great but very bulky mate
    Gave u your first "thanks" :)
  4. wolf_walker

    wolf_walker Well-Known Member

    Reasonably happy with my Defender for what I paid ($30 shipped or so, amazon).
    I can tell it's been cheap'ed-down a bit since the one I had on my old Evo4G, but it's OK for the money. If you are thinking about an extended battery, wait and get it and the seidio case that fits it at the same time. Not cheap though, relatively speaking.
    I will say the screen protector, while integral in keeping moisture and dust and scratches off the screen, is significantly more reflective and annoying on this phone than my last one. If I was outside a lot I might be annoyed enough to try something else.
  5. Louee6

    Louee6 Member

    I'm actually one of the biggest fans of belt clips. if you go to amazon, Seido actually has a great case and clip/holster for the G3 and it doesn't make the phone nearly as bulky as that garbage a&$ otter box.
  6. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

  7. HTC.Me.Now

    HTC.Me.Now Member

  8. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    Look for a Reiko case and holster on Amazon. I got mine for under $10. The belt clip converts to a kickstand. I used a Dremel tool to cut a hole in the holster so I could charge it overnight while using it as an alarm clock.
  9. CmHall9

    CmHall9 Member

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    I have an iPod Touch 2nd generation that I bought new years ago and with it I got a leather holster with a flap. After all these years of use, dropping and abuse the iPod Touch still looks great, with a couple miner scratches to the body. I would like to find something like that for my SGS3 but I also want a case on the phone as well so if I drop when it is out of the leather holster it it will still be protected.
  10. jaydub110

    jaydub110 Well-Known Member

    I got the Seidio surface case from Amazon for the SGS3 with holster & I'm happy with it. I'm in sales so I need a holster clip. try this ?

    Amazon.com: galaxy s3 seidio holster
  11. CmHall9

    CmHall9 Member

    It looks like the phone in the seidio holster is not in a protective case.

    As soon as I got my phone I purchased a case for it right a way. I did not want to leave the store without some protection. I ended up getting the Ballistic Shell Gel (SG). I was originally going to get the Otterbox but after opening and examining both cases side by side we (I and the sales clerk) discovered they were both the exact same thing, just different names etched on them. So I went for the cheeper one. I saved almost $20.

    As for the Ballistic case, I actually like it. The phone is surrounded by rubber that also sticks out in the front so the screen will not touch the table if set down, upside down and a hard shell on the sides and back.

    Now my goal is to find a pouch or leather case with a belt clip big enough that I can put it in.
  12. StuDaddy

    StuDaddy Active Member

    Fits well in a TPC case,

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