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looking for a couple of games..free if possible

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  1. Nightbreed

    Nightbreed Active Member

    Does anyone know of a good crazy golf game?
    Also looking for a snooker game of there's a decent one knocking about.
    I tried a couple of snooker but they weren't too good tbh.
    Cheers folds.

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  2. Yesevil

    Yesevil Well-Known Member

    Super stick man golf is pretty good
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  3. ToySoldier

    ToySoldier Member

    Super Stickman Golf 2 just released and is totally fun. I'd recommend that game for any sort of golf game fix you are looking for.

    I don't know of any Snooker games out there but I searched and found a few free versions but I assume you've tried those. What is it about the current Snooker games that you don't like?
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  4. Nightbreed

    Nightbreed Active Member

    Mainly the controls.
    I had a game on my old htc hero that was great but dunno the name and can't find it again now.
    Thanks for the help.
  5. ToySoldier

    ToySoldier Member

    That's what I suspected. Controls for a game where you want to be precise is always tricky on touch devices. Best of luck on your search for a Snooker game!

    Let us know what you think of the Super Stickman Golf game
  6. ospmobile

    ospmobile Member

    The game did not save after playing a series of holes!
  7. Nightbreed

    Nightbreed Active Member

    Stickman was ok but I'm more after the crazy golf type. Knock it through windmill type stuff.
    Thanks for the help y though folks.

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