Looking for a developer for a joint project

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  1. JonniBravo

    JonniBravo Active Member

    Hi all,

    I am currently looking for a developer to help with an app I am currently developing.

    I have created a app for the uk market, I have created most of the functions and added a lot of data but I need a developer to help me take it to the next level. I believe there will be a sizable market for the app and as yet is a unique idea.

    I would be happy to carry out the data side of the application but I need a developer to add a few functions and tidy up, maybe change the methods I have programmed. Although the app is not fully complete it could be released on the market but I would like to make the app complete before releasing.

    If anyone is interested or would like more info please pm me.


  2. qasimValent

    qasimValent Active Member

    Im interested, pm me more info.

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