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looking for a game controller solution/option !?Support

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  1. elbillo

    elbillo Member

    I do not want to root my tablet. I prefer to use the ps3 controller. I guess the options I see currently are: 1)get a dock (no boating jokes please) 2) get a 40-pin to usb adapter (don't see myself using either of these for non-gaming). 3) wait 5 weeks for gamestop's bluetooth android controller. lastly, I saw a cable on ebay that was 40-pin to female-usb 3.0 for only $5. would this work ? I'm curious to buy it but if it's gonna take weeks to get here from china, and could it damage the port if not made properly (surge, etc.) if it doesn't work I've already bought 4 other assorted cables from china since getting the nexus 7 & tf700 2.5 weeks ago. dead trigger is awesome with controller & nexus 7 just too small a screen.

  2. Kookas

    Kookas Well-Known Member

    Doesn't the PS3 controller work (via Bluetooth)?
  3. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Not natively. I hear you need an app to interpret the controls correctly. Which is odd, because the Prime did it natively (or so I hear).

    I don't have a PS3 controller to verify, but there are apps to interpret the controls. One is Sixaxis, another is USB Joy. I use USB Joy with my corded XBox controller with no issues. I haven't tried my wireless controller, yet, though.
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  4. elbillo

    elbillo Member

    right, well I bought the sixaxis app on day 1 of my tablet purchase, did not realize it required rooting the tablet. I preordered gamestop's controller, (sigh) due to be released Sept. 26. what sold me was: it's made by NYKO (experienced in controller creation), it is native to the "new controller standard" for android/tablet games (sorry can't remember the correct synax at the moment). and it's marketed by gamestop, who according to gaming sites is looking to expand their stores' marketing to tablet/download games.
    here's the link: Nyko PlayPad Pro Tablet Controller for Android | GameStop

    eww, just looked at it again, looks chunky. oh well, guess I'll buy a prettier one down the road.....

    yeah, so I'm not gonna bother with the usbJOY app, maybe if someone does they can post here. I hopefully will do a review after I get the thing.
  5. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I use the USBJoy app. Although my situation is different, as I have a corded Xbox controller and no PS3 controller. The XBox controller + USB Joy works fine for me.

    But I'm thinking about that Nyko controller. Specifically the app that comes with it that makes it so older games that do not have controller support can be used with the controller. That right there is interesting.

    The non-pro version is not as chunky, but looks like an old-school NES controller with a Xbox button layout.
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  6. elbillo

    elbillo Member

    yeah I'm using a ps3 controller with adapter on my nexus 7 works pretty good, the cable is clunky. that's not really an option on the transformer infinty 10" tablet (no easy controller hookup). + ideally it'll get plugged into hdtv when used with a controller. funny thing, looking at the playpad it's released the same day as the playpad pro, same price. I don't see any difference in features on quick glance. guess on release day I'll side-by-side them in the store.

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