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  1. joejoe

    joejoe Member

    I know there are many of these types of apps for the iphone and itouch. Have found some for my Moto Droid, but in my opinion they are really limited. I have tried BallCalc for android and couldn't get it to save the input data. Anyone know if there are other versions that are like Knights Bullet Flight or Ballistic for the iphone?

  2. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen anything yet. An email to the Iphone developers is probably a good idea.
  3. seankndy

    seankndy Member

    I just completed development of a new ballistics app for Android called Shooter. Supports saving rifles/loads as profiles, G1-G8 drag functions, calculate distance from target height/mil readings, use your device's accelerometer to calculate target angle, atmospheric corrections, adjustments for elevation/wind in both moa and mils, and 5yard increment ballistics table.

    It's in the market now. Free.
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  4. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    Thanks a bunch. Looking at the app, it'd be nice to have some common setups with a pre-configured profiles. I know it's just been released so I don't expect perfection just yet. ;)

    Also, a shot timer would be an awesome feature. Beep, hear bang, how long did it take? How long did it take to get 5 shots off? Etc.

    Thanks again. Looks like a solid start for sure.
  5. seankndy

    seankndy Member

    If I can get my hands on a decent database of common setups I will add that ability in. Most people who use a ballistics calculator at the range/in the field probably have pretty custom setups/loads which is why I didn't spend a whole lot of time worrying about that feature just yet given you can add your profiles and save them.

    So this shot-timer -- you say you'd like to be able to start a timer, tally shots fired by sound, then when you hit stop timer it would tell you how long you were shooting?
  6. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    One feature for the shot timer could be you hit Start. In 5 seconds, its beeps. When this beep sounds, the timer starts. The shooter draws his gun at the beep, fires a shot. When the phone hears the shot, the timer stops. Basically timing the amount of time it takes you to draw and get your first shot out.

    You need a count down though so you aren't losing time setting the phone down, and a beep to indicate the timer has started. It then stops automatically when it hears the shot. Maybe with a vibrate feature so you can put the phone in your pocket and feel the vibration in case you can't hear it over your ear protection.

    Another feature could be where the user can program the amount of shots. Say, 6 shots. On the first shot it starts timing, on the programmed 6th shot, it stops timing. You could mix this with the first idea so that you can do it from a draw and do a programmed number of shots.

    The advanced ones give you all sorts of averages, and what not. Here's a youtube video review about one: Shot Timer Video

    Something to consider at least. I'd gladly give you a couple bucks for a program that did this. Might be tricky getting it to trigger on a loud sound instead of a soft sound, but I'm not the programmer.
  7. seankndy

    seankndy Member

    Interesting idea. I'll look into this as another app where its only function is to time shots. I can't see where this would fit into the Shooter app nicely.
  8. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    Doesn't bother me either way. I'd put it in one app, charge $2.99 and make us pay even if we are only going to use one of the two features. But I'm a prick like that. ;)

    Might call the current version the Lite version and then if you decide to do some profiles, change the interface a little or whatever, and add the shot timer for the full $2.99 version.

    Just some random thoughts from my end though. You are in the business so I'm sure you have a better idea of it than I do.
  9. joejoe

    joejoe Member

    I'm having a slight problem. I'm getting a calc error. In my ballistic profile i'm shooting a DPMS LR-260. I have scope zero @ 100 yards and sight height @ 3 inches. When i input a 100 yard shot it tells me to dial in @ 1.33 moa not 0.0 moa. It is then off by the 1.33 moa no matter what distance i input. I'm assuming this is because the app is not calculating from initial scope zero (100 yards). Wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I have confirmed this with my Nightforce, Sierra and Exbal computer programs. The app is great, I just need it to calculate from scope zero. To the dev, keep up the good work, i'll pay.
  10. seankndy

    seankndy Member

    Good catch, please downloaded latest version -- this should be fixed.
  11. joejoe

    joejoe Member

    Bingo, works great! To anyone else looking for a good ballistics app, this one is it. The dev responds quickly and is on the ball. Great work.
  12. joejoe

    joejoe Member

    Hate to be a pain, but was wondering if you could setup the wind direction input to except negative numbers. Positive - right, Negative - Left. So -90 would be like 270. Not really needed, but would be nice.
  13. seankndy

    seankndy Member

    I added support for this. In the next release, it will be included.
  14. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    Another idea for ya. Stole it off Arfcom...

    A MOA measuring app. Would be simple to do just like they do the picture tape measures. Put a business card on the target and snap the picture. It determines the group width based on the assumed measurements of the business card.
  15. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Sean has done a great job on this app!
    We owe him.... for all the effort.

    Yes, Sean...I am a member here as well. :D
  16. thebrain

    thebrain Active Member

    Hello another ARFCOM member here.

    What do the G1-G8 drag functions represent?

    I have used a ball calc for my old palm, but do not remember this option.
  17. jdollprince

    jdollprince Active Member

    I opened this thread to mention Shooter. I see yall have it under control.

    I don't actually use this app but when I got my Droid i was going on and on about all the cool stuff it could do and my husband says "there is a ballistics app for your phone!" which he discovered on another forum he frequents.

    Nice work Sean!
  18. Crude

    Crude Well-Known Member

    arfcomer here to. Shooter is a precision shooters dream!
  19. rjrivero

    rjrivero Member

    I appreciate the Shooter software. It's a great application! THANKS A BUNCH! I had to come over from ARFcom to say thanks!


    Something to think about for an upgrade: If you can separate the rifle info from the load info, Handloaders would appreciate it. I know there are times where I'm using multiple bullets and loads. It would be nice to be able to transfer that data without having to enter all the rifle data over again.

    The program works great, and THANKS!
  20. rjrivero

    rjrivero Member

    For folks looking for a shot timer, you can find one here. It's not quite polished, but it seems to work on my HTC HERO.
  21. seankndy

    seankndy Member

    Some of you say you're coming over here from arfcom. Is there a discussion about the app there? Can anyone link me to the thread?
  22. rjrivero

    rjrivero Member

    A few thoughts:

    Could you incorporate the free altimeter Altitude Free to auto load your altitude and a weather app to get your temp, relative humidity, and baro pressure data? That way you only need to enter your wind and wind angle, and this app becomes MUCHO more useful!!
  23. seankndy

    seankndy Member


    When you first open the app, click the menu button and go to preferences.
  24. rjrivero

    rjrivero Member

    Excellent. How did I miss that? Elevation would be the only one to add automatically.

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