Looking for a lock screen with pin-dial

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  1. Nilzor

    Nilzor Member

    My new HTC one comes with a separate lock screen and pin/pattern screen. This means that if you want to have a secure phone, you need to go through two steps each time you want to start using the phone: 1. Swipe to unlock, 2: Enter pin/pattern.

    One word: Why?

    So is there a lock screen app out there that has the unlock patter or pin integrated in the lock screen itself?

    Extra bonus: Find one that additionally supports widgets :) (for whatever room that's left. 4x1 maybe?)

  2. Nilzor

    Nilzor Member

    I just learned that the native android lock screen pretty much is what I need. Question is, must I install a complete new (stock) ROM in order to get this?

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