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  1. jdeslip

    jdeslip Member

    I have gotten addicted to Rockbox's bookmarking feature since I listen to a lot of audiobooks. Is there any mediaplayer for android that does this (create bookmarks whenever you pause/exit the program). Or, even allow manual bookmarking?

  2. angusn

    angusn Active Member

  3. jdeslip

    jdeslip Member

    There is a new app called - ambling book player that looks very promising. Right now it lets you download public domain audiobooks from librivox and listen to them. It automatically bookmarks (I think last 5 stops in each book) and allows custom bookmarks. The developers are promising a "pro" version soon that lets you add books from the SD card to your library.
  4. skyhigh

    skyhigh Member

    There is an Ambling BookPlayer personal edition on Android Market that lets you play audiobooks from the SD card if they are in a format such as mp3, ogg, or m4a. The player has a bookmarking history with undo and redo that lets you jump right back to previous locations where you started or stopped listening. There is also a Lite version of this player on the Android Market that is free, and it supports downloading a lot of free LibriVox audiobooks to the Android. It manages all the individual audio files as a single audiobook. You can see more information about the audiobook player at Ambling BookPlayer - Bringing books to life
  5. Astro player has advanced bookmarking functionality. During the development process, we had in mind audiobooks and podcasts support. It allows listening several audiobooks, podcasts, and music playlists in parallel. I.e. you can listen an audiobook, switch to a podcast or music playlist and then return to the same position in the audiobook. Bookmark restores not only playback position but also the whole playlist/audiobook content. Therefore, you can skip reloading of a playlist before selection of a bookmark. Astro Player also supports resume after restart and stores playback position for all tracks. Moreover, it remembers playback positions also for all folders. If you open a folder that has been played before, the last playback position will be restored. It's still in beta and could be unstable. Any suggestions or opinions are welcomed. You can find more info at http://www.astroplayer.com
  6. Scott Kuniosa

    Scott Kuniosa New Member

    I am a new user so I cannot link the app, but mydiamarks has an android app that allows you to bookmark local media (inc. audiobooks) and Youtube videos. They also have a Firefox ext which will synchronize any bookmarks you create too and from android. Meaning you can listen to your audiobook on the road and pick it the exact spot on your desk with ease (and vice versa)

    You can find them on the market, search for mydiamarks.
  7. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    I use MortPlayer Audio Books (not the standard MortPlayer which is geared more towards music). It has a lot of nice features for audio book listening, including bookmarks, skip-forward, skip-back, go-to-a-specific-time, etc.
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  8. audio2u

    audio2u Active Member

    Wow! I'd not heard of Mortplayer until reading your post.
    Just downloaded it... holy crap! I LOVE IT!
    Kudos for the tip.
  9. johnlee123

    johnlee123 New Member

    I downloaded Audiobook companion lite some time ago, it's not very popular, but I like its bookmark function. I often listen books for English learning, and I need to mark 'chapter', and 'section' in my book. With this app, I just added bookmarks and tagged them as 'section' or 'chapter', so I can jumped between sections or chapters back and forth and find a section very quickly.

    I also like just listened book list, it's very easy for me to switch from a English course to a novel. The developer is nice, answered all my questions and helped me a lot.
  10. JohnMitko

    JohnMitko New Member

    Ambling BookPlayer - Bringing books to life for sure
  11. dax66

    dax66 Member

    many many drawbacks Ambling has:

    - The player stores all of the information about books and bookmarks such way that they cann't be (at all) backup/restore-ed, data which might be the playlists, bookmarks, all your notes, all your audio notes, the settings, other bookmarks, other notes, and all other settings you might have, ALL of them lost, it is not possible but Ambling can do that.
    - Ambling .xml playlist does not include bookmarks
    - it lacks speed control

    Astro Player Nova drawbacks:

    - it has an unic bookmark list, one for all playlists
    - it conflicts when a file is twice added
    - it saves .m3u without bookmarks, opposed to VLC for Windows by example

    I couldn't find one to be able port the playlists and bookmarks.
    AudioBook Companion seems cool but... i'll be back

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