looking for a misfits boot animation. zte score (x500m) * rooted*

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  1. xXSaXoNXx

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    Hey all. I got a pretty sweet custom misfits theme going on my zte score. Just about the only thing I'm lacking is a boot animation. I saw this one but it's a dead link and haven't found any others.

    [Boot Animations] Galaxy Nexus Boot Animations Updated: 09/30/12 - Page 26

    If you know where i can find one or you can tut me on making my own I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Prinny

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    How to Make Your Own Boot Animations! – xda-developers

    This should be useful to you. I cannot say I've ever done it, but this explains what you need, then there is a link to a thread for more detail.

    PS: The Misfits are awesome. Some of my favorite songs came from the Graves era, though you can't replace Danzig.

    Good luck!
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  3. xXSaXoNXx

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    That should help. And ditto. Graves era was saweeeet! But they wouldn't have ever been the misfits without danzig. The line-up right now is kind of bunk though.
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