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  1. MRW1215

    MRW1215 Well-Known Member

    Thus far, I've been unable to find this type of icon set, but maybe someone knows where I can find it (or at least something very close). Basically, I want icons that look like "glass". I've found icon sets that have a "glass" border, and the icon, itself, is usually a transparent white. But what I want is something without a border (think the stock Go Launcher icons), where the icons, themselves, are transparent, and have a "glassy" look to them. Anyone know of any such icon set?

  2. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    These are pretty cool but, they're for ADW and you didn't mention what launcher you're using (unless your reference to GO Launcher means that's what you currently have.)
    Tha Crystal
  3. MRW1215

    MRW1215 Well-Known Member

    Those are definitely the closest thing I've found (though I'd kinda prefer if they didn't have that "tilted back" look), but I'm not really into ADW. Hm.
  4. MRW1215

    MRW1215 Well-Known Member

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