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  1. keithbrown53

    keithbrown53 Active Member


    I'm looking for a calendar app which will let my wife and I share our calendars.

    Cozi looks just right, but I can't download it in the UK.....is there a way around that at all?

    If not, what are the alternatives?

    I have synched the built in calendar with my google account, but whenever I make an appointment on the phone, it fails to show up in the google calendar.



  2. mattyboyo

    mattyboyo Well-Known Member

    Are you making the appointment in your google calendar on the phone rather than 'my calender'
  3. keithbrown53

    keithbrown53 Active Member

    Hi there.

    I think you may be right - was probably not adding to the google calendar.....thanks.

    However, when I now add an appointment, the default calendar selected in the phone calendar is 'My Calendar', not the google one. How do I default it to the google one? I know for a fact I will forget that it defaults to the phone calendar, and I'll end up wondering why stuff is missing from the google calendar.....


  4. keithbrown53

    keithbrown53 Active Member

    Answering my own question - defaults to the calendar you last added something to......
  5. mattyboyo

    mattyboyo Well-Known Member

    Glad it was something simple. The only thing I have found is that if someone shares a new calendar with you it sometimes doesn't sync to the phone. I had to clear the data in the calendar and resync it for the new calendar to show up.

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