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  1. lksaddlkweoij

    lksaddlkweoij Member

    Hello! I have a not very powerful phone (Xperia X8) which has the possibility for taking pictures and also for recording video.

    My problem is, however, that I'm not at all interested in the "fancy" effects and animation stuff the camera app does after I take a picture. It freezes up the phone, and I can't take another picture until the needless entertainment nonsense is over with. I want to be able to take two pictures after each other as fast as if it were a mechanical camera in the olden days. Anything less is stupid.

    However, I've been looking quite a bit now on the web, and just can't seem to find an utterly minimalistic camera app. Everyone is talking about how many and how cool filters, effects and other nonsense (to me) their app includes. I want to take pictures, not do manipulation. :-J

    If anyone can suggest the most extremely stripped down app, designed for one thing only: speed, I would be very thankful. :) My goal is to be able to snap two pictures after each other by manually pressing the button on the camera, with the camera being ready as soon as at all possible after my having pressed the button the first time.

    My version of Android is 1.6.

    Thank you so much in advance for any tips and pointers! :)

  2. Digital Controller

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    Hey there lksaddlkweoij!

    Sorry for the inconvenience but i have moved your thread into the Media Forums to receive some better feedback :)

    Hope this is alright for you and welcome to the forums! :D:D:D
  3. lksaddlkweoij

    lksaddlkweoij Member

    cool beans
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  5. lksaddlkweoij

    lksaddlkweoij Member

  6. gsmgeeks

    gsmgeeks Member

    I downloaded camera 360 after reading a review at Best Photo Apps For Your Smartphone - GSM Nation. I think you can get the other app too but I am not sure if it is gonna be compatible with your OS.

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