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Looking for a special music player

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  1. barak777

    barak777 New Member

    Hey there :)

    Im looking for A music player that I can put together A playlist but with one uniqe feature:

    I want the player to stop playing after each song in the playlist and I will have to press play so the next song will begin

    This is really import to me and ILL appreciate any help...

    Thank you for your time

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    BlueMuze (link in sig) can do this, though it's not a music player. It's a music playlist and file sharing app.

    Full disclosure: it's my app (I'm the developer) so naturally I would reccommend it, but it actually does what you're looking for, which is sorta an odd feature.

    The feature is in the free trial version too.
  3. fabricis

    fabricis Member

    Well... Actually the feature is not that odd at all. :) It all depends on what your needs are and, as it goes, I will also give it a try.
    And why do I need it? Because when I'm playing sax with backup coming from my Android I do not want to have to rush at the end of the track to stop it manually in order to have some time to change the sheets of music, to introduce the next piece or to just thank the audience for cheering. So, now you know. ;-)
  4. malleman

    malleman New Member

    did you find a music player that stops after each song??? I need one also.
  5. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    A suggestion - use a video player for your music. Probably, it will stop after each track.
  6. I never use a video player to playback music, it can playback music?
  7. fabricis

    fabricis Member

    There are two ways to play a song that will stop at the end and not continue to the next song.

    You may play it by using the file system browser and start it by tapping the file name (this will work provided the file extension is associated to a default player app). This solution can be tricky if the list of songs you want to go through is spread across several folders...

    Recently I have tried BlueMuze (see earlier posts on this thread) and despite the fact at the begin it was not meant to be a player, it does play music songs and it works very well with the added advantage that it uses playlists and all your songs will easily accessible via the playlist.

  8. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Sure. Just try MoboPlayer for example. It can decode mp3 files easily.
  9. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

  10. Grymph

    Grymph Member

    I tried all the above solutions, and they either didn't do the job or did it clumsily (for example, an app might take me to a different screen or app for the actual playing of the song, making extra work for me to cue up the next song I'm planning to use).
    If you're still looking, I found a decent workaround. You can use a note recorder that saves notes in mp3. I'm using Hi Q (lite). Use Settings to point Location of Stored Recordings to a music directory, and it will list all the songs in that directory. Set the Single-Tap-To-Play option, and when you go to list view you can just tap on any song. It plays right in that list view, so you can scroll and look for another song while it's playing; then just tap when you're ready.
    It's obviously not designed to use playlists, so you'll have to put all the songs you plan to play in one directory and you can't rearrange the song list. But it's the simplest workaround I've found.

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