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Looking for a voice/SMS/data usage tracker

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  1. traycer

    traycer New Member

    Hi, all. Just picked up the HTC Hero from TELUS a week ago. Not really my phone of choice, but it was cheap ($50 with 3-year subsidy + $50 trade-in rebate from HTC = $0!).

    I'm not big into downloading a zillion apps, but I am looking for one that will accurately record usage on my phone. I've found a few (NetCounter, Phonalyzr, 3G Usage, etc.) but none of them do everything I need. For instance, my plan has the following features:

    • 300 anytime voice minutes, $0.40/min thereafter
    • free voice minutes between 6:00 pm and 7:00 am on weekdays, all day on weekends
    • free incoming local minutes
    • free calls on birthday
    • 1 GB of data per month, $0.05/MB thereafter
    • unlimited incoming and outgoing SMS

    I'm looking for an app that is flexible enough to handle the above configuration. It should also be able to differentiate between 3G vs wifi data, and incoming vs outgoing voice and SMS. I can tell the app the cost of my monthly plan plus incremental costs, and the app should be able to calculate how much I owe at the end of the month. I don't do much LD or roaming, but if it can track that too (maybe do a best guess based on area codes and such), that would be fantastic.

    Detailed analysis would be a great feature, or at least a way of exporting the raw data to the SD card. Phonalyzr doesn't go quite far enough for me. For instance, it will show you your weekday/evening/weekend breakdown of calls, and it will show you your incoming/outgoing ratio, but not both combined together (e.g., incoming/outgoing ratio specifically during weekdays).

    A small widget with a graphical indicator of minutes/MB used would be great.

    I did a few searches on Google and here, but did not turn up anything promising aside from the apps I mentioned above. Does anything exist with this feature set?

  2. Ceefax

    Ceefax Well-Known Member

    Try searching for an program called 'stats'. I think its the closest to what you need. It tracks calls/sms/data/WiFi in and out but unfortunately it won't separate calls into weekend or evening etc.
    I've user this programme on my hero and now on my desire, works great for me and far better than the multitude of apps you'd need to do the same.
  3. Good Old Bakes

    Good Old Bakes Well-Known Member

  4. traycer

    traycer New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. I looked around a bit more, and it looks like "Credit Usage" is the closest thing to what I want. It not only tracks the different types of traffic, but it will estimate your monthly bill, taking into account metered usage, included/free usage, and plans like free calls to certain numbers, etc. I don't think it quite does everything I need, but it looks like the author is quite responsive to feature requests. Looks like this will be worth paying for.

    Credit Usage Online
  5. mikey_mike

    mikey_mike Active Member

    im looking fro the same exact app as you traycer.

    Let us know what you find... im searching too
    Stats and Phonalyzr are ok but not quite there yet
  6. wmtoandroid

    wmtoandroid Well-Known Member

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