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looking for a wallpaper / security app

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  1. pilotbike

    pilotbike Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 28, 2009
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    I have have had the g1 since day1. I have the my touch at the time.. I have been looking for a app for pictures. I currently have some apps for the pictures but not 100% satisfied. I have photo vault for security but would like a program wear you don't have to hide the pictures 1 by 1.. and would like some thing wear I can just put a password in and the pictures appear and the but the password back in the are secure again. And that you can secure a hole entire file instead of doing it one by one..

    I was all so looking for an application to wear I can but a picture with out cropping it. Like in wallpaper plus. But have it doing it from the default program or gallery..

    Any help would be great :D I know it a lot but hey.


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