looking for an app to map cycling route

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  1. billman424

    billman424 Member

    hi is there an app so i can map out a route i want to ride my bike so i dont get lost, im terrible at remember road names. and often find myself miles from where i wanted to be :), i have tried a few gps apps but they dont let you choose the route


  2. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    There are a few. Google has one for runners that maps your distance and other stats. Another app would help you with photos and waypoints...
    and know you want to their names....and I have nothing for you.

    The good news is if you search these forums there are videos. The bad news I have given you nothing to help that search.
  3. devolio

    devolio Well-Known Member

  4. kizer

    kizer Active Member

    I like this one.
    Cyrket - RideTrac

    It doens't have the ability to load files not created by it as of yet, but the author said he will look into it.

    It will save different tracks so you can load them up later and the author does ride.
  5. moshstef

    moshstef Member

    I believe you want to use something like My Maps Editor, from google. This allows you to see and edit the maps you have on Google Maps, from your phone. So you can create the route you want on the google maps website, and then follow the route using your phone from the My Maps Editor application.
  6. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

  7. softwaretech

    softwaretech Member

    There are a couple...one that comes to mind is called RideTrac. I can't recall the other...it was something to do with "bread crumbs". Trying googling ;)
  8. Buffman

    Buffman Member

    Ever since I got my G1, I've personally been using CardioTrainer. If I recall correctly, it's under the Lifestyle tab in the Android market and should be near the top if your searching by popularity. While it can show where your running through its GPS (which is what we expect, right?), its also got other neat features such as voice command, a statistics page (Calories lost, etc), and its got built in features for running, walking, driving (?), and more things than I'd probably ever care to do. If you want to check it out, the CardioTrainer website is here:

    About - WorkSmart CardioTrainer

    I've also tried My Tracks, and while both are pretty similar, their are a few things that make them just different...while they both upload to Google Maps, Cardio does it anonymously (But still can be shared) and its more like a training program while My Tracks is a tracking program.

    Hope this helps.
    Buffman out.
  9. ScottChapman

    ScottChapman Member

    I am basically looking for the same thing...

    Just to be clear, not JUST looking for breadcrumbs... Lots of choices for that.

    But looking for something I can run on the phone that will KEEP me on the route. Using a bluetooth headset for example.

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