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  1. mattbirk

    mattbirk Well-Known Member

    My setup is a little confusing.

    I have 2 IP camera's at home. My ISP, Charter, blocks port 80. To get to them via web browser I go to www.mydomain.com:1000 and www.mydomain.com:10001 ...I changed the port from 80 to 1000, and 80 to 1001.

    I can access the login page through my cell phone browser, I have port forwarded correctly. (They work on PCs off the same network) The catch is I also had to use port 8000 for CAM1 and 8001 for CAM2 for the image stream...so basically there are two ports required to forward per camera.

    Port 1000, 8000 forward to mydomain.com(external) @
    Port 1001, 8001 forward to mydomain.com(external) @

    I have tried IP Cam Viewer Lite, but can only input one port. I have tried the browser, I can get logged in and view settings, I get an empty box where the camera feed is supposed to be...

    To get the login screen so you can see my options:
    To get to work properly, I use Chrome with the Java applet option, not IE.

    This may need moved? I know it's not just to the TB, but Android in general...any help would be greatly appreciated. And I do have Java enabled on the TB.

  2. retiredberry

    retiredberry Well-Known Member

    I am by no means an expert but "phonemypc" lets me view my web cam from my phone from anywhere. Not sure if this helps. Hopefully others will chime in. :)
  3. bencav5_99

    bencav5_99 Active Member

    orb live works too
  4. Gav508

    Gav508 New Member

    I am using I-Smart Viewer with my system. It is free in market and works great for my setup. My system is a PC based dvr system with 16 cameras however they are not ip cams.
  5. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I use ASEE....QSEE, from the market. Let's me view all my cameras from my business. Very simple to set up as well.
  6. Zero_to_36

    Zero_to_36 Member

    I have a basic web cam, I'm using an 'opitmus L'. I'm totally a newb when it comes down to this kind of stuff, I'd like to be able to set up a few web cams around the house and monitor them while I'm out of town, are there any threads that are detailed (easy to follow instructions :vs) or would this thread be able to help? If it's inappropriate to request here I'm sorry I'll just start a new thead...
  7. mattbirk

    mattbirk Well-Known Member

    There was just an update to IP Cam Viewer Lite, which I was able to get working late last night. Work's great, supports 4 cameras on the free version, and paid version is only 4.99. Ad supported for free, but no big deal. works great, give it a shot.
  8. Zero_to_36

    Zero_to_36 Member

    @mattbirk, could you give assistance??
  9. mattbirk

    mattbirk Well-Known Member

    What is your setup? IP Camera's? It took me quite some time, but I will be happy to help walk you through getting this to work.

    Let me know how your camera's are setup, you will need to know their internal IP addresses, and we will have to configure port forwarding to your camera. Also, I am assuming you do not have a static IP address from your Internet Service Provider?

    Let me know these things, and I will try the best I can to get them configured. Took me a little bit, but finally got mine working great!

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