Looking for AVI video Editor for Android

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  1. Mattbloggs

    Mattbloggs New Member

    Hi there, I want to edit short AVI video taken with my Nikon camera on my Samsung SII. I have found great editors for MP4, but neither an AVI editor or an effective AVI to MP4 converter that runs on Android. Any suggestions?


    Clarification: Without using a PC :). Hence the app needs to run on Android .

  2. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    youve never heard of Any Video Converter?? it is a program that changes the file format to pretty much any video hence Any Video. Ive used it before and it works, it keeps the quality and sound intact
  3. Mattbloggs

    Mattbloggs New Member

    Hi Yes, I use that on a PC, but in this case I want to go straight from camera to phone without the PC - when travelling. IE carry camera, phone, but not PC.

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