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Looking for CLIQ myFaves package name (Browse All)

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  1. vesperaNovus

    vesperaNovus Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 24, 2009
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    Greetings, I develop a "task killer" app that disables apps that start on phone boot-up. This however cannot be done to myFaves because of how TMobile designed it, so I have a special case in my app the prevents you from disabling myFaves. This works on the G1, however, I received a complaint that when a user did it on the CLIQ their phone freaked out, which is what happens on the G1 as well. The user shouldn't have been able to disable myFaves.

    Since I use the package name to disable, I'm assuming they have changed the package name on the CLIQ. If anyone can provide me with the package name of myFaves on the CLIQ that would be awesome! On the G1 it is com.tmobile.myfaves


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