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Looking for HTC Desire US ROM (Browse All)

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  1. ..alee

    ..alee New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 2, 2010
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    As i posted earlier that whatever SMS that i receive it lags 4 hours. Currently I am using SMSFix to tackle this issue but this thing is bothering me that why to install a special app for that. it gives me problem if i get text messages when this service is not running.

    SO, I thought may be the issue is because my HTC Desire is EU Unlocked. Just want to give a try i am trying to search for HTC Desire US specific ROM. I have searched online, but could not fiind one .. Please refer me to one.

    - I am not looking for any CUSTOM ROM.
    - I have not ROOTED by device yet. Still waiting someone to anwer my question on other thread to root.


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