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Looking for "live" news and wx radar widgets....

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  1. KDOG

    KDOG Active Member

    Would like to find a good "live" wx radar widget and a scrolling news feed. I'm using the wx radar widget that comes with WeatherBug, but its not that great. Can't really find any good live news widgets that come from the top sources (Fox, NBC etc.) Any suggestions?

  2. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    Taptu and gReader are great news feeds and eWeatherHD has a nice radar widget.
  3. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    How "live" are you looking for? I'm fairly sure Flipboard has a widget, and works like an RSS reader that you can easily set up with the sites you listed, though I'm not sure how often it refreshes.

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