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Looking for .m3u streaming audio player

  1. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I'm Jon and I'm a Cliq convert from WinMo. :)

    I'm looking for an audio player that will automatically launch when I click on a .m3u file/link from within my browser. So far I've had no luck finding one. Any suggestions?


  2. rags711

    rags711 New Member

    yes, you can try "just playlists" from the market.
  3. blksith0

    blksith0 Well-Known Member

    For anyone would wondering, just playlists does in fact work. You just need to give it a minute or two to start up.
  4. yzarc

    yzarc New Member

    Tried it, and "Just Playlists" is working beautifully. Opera Mobile opens my M3U directly now. (No need to save first and then fish for the playlist.) Thank you!

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