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  1. mlooshka

    mlooshka New Member

    Greetings all, newbie here. I'm a huge fan of the old school point and click adventure games (Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Discworld, etc) and am hoping to find something in this genre for my new HTC hero. Any suggestions?

    Also, I know there's a ScummVM port, does anyone have any experience with that? I'm afraid direct ports will not work well on my 3.2 screen.

  2. DenieD_UK

    DenieD_UK Active Member

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  3. Naz927

    Naz927 Well-Known Member

    I've also been trying some games like this as well...I think one place the App Store has the Android Market beat is goooood games!
  4. sapling

    sapling New Member

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  5. hansschmucker

    hansschmucker Well-Known Member

    Just finished writing up a little review/howto combination on ScummVM and it plays very well on my 3.2 screen. Pay special attention to the part explaining the controls:

    Review: ScummVM | LowDroid
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  6. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Was going to recommend SCUMMVM when I saw the thread title.

    Need to try it on my SGSII, should be wonderful with BT mouse!
  7. hansschmucker

    hansschmucker Well-Known Member

    Just tried a few slightly more demanding games on ScummVM, namely CoMI, Toonstruck and BrokenSword1... it went a lot better than I expected, but still, they don't play as well as the low-res games.

    For CoMI and Toonstruck I used the CD versions, with CoMI SAN and BUN files compressed to OGG through ScummVMTools. Toonstruck worked without recompressing the video, which was a bit of a surprise, since I thought the ScummVM team had decided against including their own SMACKER video player. It stutters a bit during the Virgin logo sequence, since the bitrate there is ridiculously high, but otherwise performs quite well. The CoMI videos likewise stutter a bit from time to time, but nothing serious. BrokenSword1 is from GOG and already has all content in a ScummVM-friendly format, except that I had to convert the videos' sound from FLAC to OGG, since FLAC is not yet supported on Android.

    The actual gameplay stutters from time to time with Toonstruck, when the background contains big animations, but again: nothing too serious. CoMI and BrokenSword on the other hand don't have any issues.

    A bigger problem are the controls: Broken Sword works perfectly, but Toonstruck needs a longer click than what ScummVM/Android usually emulates and CoMI requires you to hold the mouse button to select an action. In both cases, using a double-tap (which emulates press-and-hold) solves the issue, but it's not nearly as comfortable as the single press you use in the other games.
  8. hansschmucker

    hansschmucker Well-Known Member

    Just tried The Feeble Files... aside from being ridiculously large (~2GB after compressing the audio... really, I get the feeling that the developers wanted to make it big: the majority of the space is taken up by the videos which, if they had implemented them in the ingame engine or employed a slightly more clever compression, would have probably taken up around 200MB) it works very well.
  9. sapling

    sapling New Member

  10. paynter

    paynter New Member

    Im a massive fan of the old school point and click graphic adventure games and really want to see a big comeback, there are currently 3 titles on the play store that are definately worth paying for:

    Machinarium - awesome game , very much like the old point and click style a few of us still crave

    Broken sword directors cut - I know scumm vm is free but unless we pay for these titles the creators wont make anymore games!

    City of secrets - Good point and click adventure game , a bit of a dodgy soundtrack but its good to see there is creators out there making these types of games again!

    Please everyone pay for these games, it will let the market know there is still demmand and get money in the pot so that they make titles for android, point and click works sooo well on tablets and i for one would love to see a lot more of these games!
  11. gwg

    gwg Member

    ScummVM is a great option, as you can download several games (including Beneath A Steel Sky and Flight of the Amazon Queen) free with the emulation software. I've got an HTC Evo and both those games played nicely on it. Lure of the Temptress was less successful as the controls are very fiddly. I've got a couple of other compatible games that I'm going to try out on the phone -- Full Throttle, Broken Sword, and the Monkey Island games.

    A couple of new point-n-click games that I enjoyed are The Secret of Grisly Manor and The Lost City, both 99c in the Play store.

    There are some great flash games around - check out the Submachine games, which you can play in your browser. They were a bit too big to play satisfactorily on a phone, but they'd be fine on a tablet.
  12. super_juanjo

    super_juanjo New Member

  13. LiveWallpapers

    LiveWallpapers Well-Known Member

  14. DigiChainGames

    DigiChainGames New Member

    We've just released our latest point & click adventure - Spooky Manor. It's available on Google Play now.
  15. DigiChainGames

    DigiChainGames New Member

  16. Nagrom

    Nagrom Well-Known Member

    Just completed The Lost City. Though quite short, it was amazing. Beautiful to look at and very challenging.
  17. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Member

    If you miss the game pokemon and bejeweled this is a good game it's really addicting and tons to collect since it has bunch of monsters.

    Puzzle and Dragons
  18. _ubiquity_

    _ubiquity_ New Member

    Bejeweled is complete crap, and definitely not an adventure game.
  19. giorgos_gs

    giorgos_gs Member

  20. FreakZone

    FreakZone Member

    If you're using a big screen tablet, there's nothing I can recommend more than Machinarium by Amanita design. It's an absolutely gorgeous indie puzzler which really had me scratching my head in parts, and it's got some of the best art I've seen in this kind of game.


    Unfortunately it seems to require a large tablet; I purchased it when I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 but when I upgraded to Nexus 7 it said it wasn't supported.
  21. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Machinarium has 2 versions. A tablet and mobile version. I have both when I got the Android Humble Bundle a while back. The tablet version is >1280
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  22. whatever61

    whatever61 Active Member

  23. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I love machinarium.

  24. forestchen

    forestchen New Member

    Just finish the game "Yesterday", you guys must try it.

    I am a beginner of this forum, so I can't insert image or video of this game , you can search it in Google Play.
  25. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

    I recently played Yesterday and really enjoyed it.
    Free version (with ads)
    Paid version (no ads)

    The story is a bit dark but I found it to be pretty fun, and engaging.

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