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    :confused: Ok, here goes. I am very new to androids and a keen gamer. Without any fancy tec talk, I just want to know if anyone can tell me where to locate the android apk game files and any other app files on my android device, so that I may simply drag and drop them into a file on my computer. I would rather have then backed up on my computer, incase I decide to wipe my android and start again. As I only have a wifi dongle it costs me quite a bit of my usage allowance to download games and apps, so simply being able to reinstall them from apps that I have saved would be much more financially practical for someone like me.
    my second question would then be, assuming my games and apps are no longer on the android but I want them back, after dragging and dropping them from the computer back into (I would assume) the same location as I originally got them from, will they just automatically play/work again, or do I have to reinstall them, and if so how do I go about this?
    I would really apreciate any help in this...........Thanks
    As I said, I'm new to this, so I realy only want the drag and drop method, nothing fancy.

  2. chanchan05

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    1. The apk installers are in a system partition inaccessible to users who aren't rooted (admin access). You can download an app called 'App Backup and Restore' to make copies of these apk files and dump them in a folder of your choosing. Once you have them backup up, you can navigate to that folder from your PC.

    2. Treat the apk's as installers. Basically they are analogous to .exe files in Windows for installing programs. Basically, put them on your SD card, open them using a file manager app on your phone and they will install. Or you can put them in the App Backup folder, and they will be detected by that app for install. Remember you have to enable non-Market installation for this to work.
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    At last! Plain and straight forward, easy explanation to my question. I did everything as you said, using ASTRO FILE MANAGER which I already had to backup and install. Got them backed up on my computer as well. Took them off android backup and uninstalled, pasted them all back in from computer into the backup of android and reinstalled.........Fantastic! worked like a dream!! Thanks very much. I'm a very happy bunny! :D

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