Looking for some one to help me build android app!

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  1. Poudeman

    Poudeman New Member

    Well I have a whole idea of what i wanna build and publish in the app. But I dont know how to input the data and codes. Im basically looking for some one willing to work with me by going with my idea and building it into my (or our vision). Message me if you wanna hear my idea and you can let me know if you'd be interested in making it.

    - Thanks

  2. riaanmas

    riaanmas New Member

    Hi Poudeman,

    I am a c# developer with 12 years experience. C# and Java is very close and I have recently purchased an android device and have started building applications...problem is I want something productive to build...so it seems we can help each other. What do you have in mind?

  3. FreshIdeas

    FreshIdeas New Member

    Hello Riaan. I've been looking into creating apps for the past year and a half and would like to collaborate with you. If you're interested send me a pm.
  4. Poudeman

    Poudeman New Member

    Do to the terms and conditions of this web page i dont feel like it would be safe to say on here. Because even though a PM they still own what ever i say. PM me and your email and ill message you. Ive already tried talking to a few people about displaying it on there youtube channels and they said it sounds pretty sick. Its gonna be an all in one app.
  5. riaanmas

    riaanmas New Member


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