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  1. chantelle310

    chantelle310 Member

    Looking into buying a nexus 7 very soon and thought I'd check out some forums in the waiting process so here I am. I'm a big IOS user and have both an iPhone and iPad. Not looking to replace either of them or even compair the two I'm just interested in dabbling into the android market and though with the price and great things I've heard about the nexus 7 i would take the plunge and just buy one. Big selling point for me is the size.. Having not been so impressed with the iPad mini I thought the next best option for me is the nexus. My questions are
    1. I will be looking into rooting the device... Having scanned over the basics very briefly can somebody put it out there as black and white as possible what the MAIN advantages of rooting are?
    2. And the same for any disadvantages that may come with it?

    Thanks :)

  2. Maturola

    Maturola Well-Known Member

    1. rooting, give you full access to your device, Advantages? well those are depending on what you do, some apps required root, writing to an external device using the OTG port required root, modifying system files (like for example to block ads) required root. Making backup of your ROM, installing custom ROMs and some themes (those that need access to system files) all those require root.

    2. Disadvantages, well.,pretty much the same, since you got full access, you need to be careful what you install and from where, you can have malware messing around with your system, as well as you can do it yourself if you are not sure what you are doing and you change/delete/replace/move the wrong file.
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  3. chantelle310

    chantelle310 Member

    Thank you for the quick info. I have dabbled a little into jail breaking and customisation was my main reason for this so I will definitely be checking out some custom themes etc. any major Do's and Dont's you can recommend for me when I do come to root my device? I always find YouTube guides the most helpful but love to get some advice from the forums too.
  4. ozzy8160

    ozzy8160 Member

    makes lots of nandriods(image to recover from) if u do mess something up just reflash it and u r up and running again they can be life savers, have fun with ur nexus 7 i will be soon two more weeks till i get mine:D
  5. Maturola

    Maturola Well-Known Member

    Backup (Nandroid images and Titanium Backups) are always a good thing to have.

    The most important do and don't is...READ>>>READ>>>READ..and then read some more. before installing anything, search around for reviews and guides, make sure you know what the developers had done before and see what issues other user had encountered before.

    here is a perfect example of the risk of rooting.
  6. chantelle310

    chantelle310 Member

    Thats a good one to wanna remember... Thank you. Really excited to try out the nexus 7

    Great advice thank you. For me there seems to be a huge difference between the rooting and jail breaking methods so I will be sure to read plenty before I even try.
  7. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Welcome to the forums! :D And hopefully to android soon :p

    Just for clarity sake: Jailbreaking is for iOS, rooting is for android

    Rooting gives you full administrator rights to the phone. You can change anything you please, and can grant this right to other apps to do things that non-rooted devices cannot.

    It opens up a huge amount of customization on the already very customizable android platform. Many people have said that jailbreaking the iPhone gives you customization abilities similar to stock android. Rooting takes it above and beyond because android is completely open source.

    As far as rooting methods, nexus devices are the simplest to do. Google doesn't try to prevent you from rooting like Apple does with its iDevices, so its as simple as giving the command to unlock the phone. There are also programs that automate the entire process for you.

    If you wish to continue discussing root, I will move that part of the conversation to the all things root part of the forums. You'll get faster help from other rooted users (like myself :)) over there
  8. Maturola

    Maturola Well-Known Member

    You should be safe then, it is not that much different from Jailbreaking, however it is easier to support since you are not really fighting against the "gatekeeper"
  9. chantelle310

    chantelle310 Member

    Thank you for the detailed breakdown. The main reason for rooting will be for the added customisation.. And to maybe use some game emulators too. They require ROMS is that right?
    Seems like I can learn a lot from this site and there are plenty helpful experienced users that are around to give advice.
  10. chantelle310

    chantelle310 Member

    Sounds great then! I have my nexus on order from Last night and delivery can take up until the 21st. It's gonna be a long week to wait if need be :)

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