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  1. AJC3_Designs

    AJC3_Designs Member

    So I put this in another thread but figured since it was pointed out to me I would put it here too. I do graphic design and have for quite some time. I did get out of it for a while. I guess it was the time I retired from BlackBerry theme development. Now that I am Android full time I wanted to get back into it again. If your a developer or development team who needs a designer, hit me up on GTalk or Kik: ajc3

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  2. jamieG71

    jamieG71 Member Developer

    Hey Ajc I'm not representing a dev team @ this time, but I am looking for someone with some graphics skills to help with a couple different roms for the supersonic.
    Here's links - KWIQ-ICS

    Hit me up on gtalk if your interested (email)j.gowans71@Gmail(email)

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