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    I recently installed a Grom aux/bluetooth device into my honda accord. I find its rather neat not only can I make and take calls with the device, but I can stream my music over bluetooth and control the media player with the steering wheel controls. Its nice not having to take the phone out of my pocket when in the car. My issue is that the button on the factory stereo which acts as the call button resorts to the voice dialer function where I would much rather use google now. Pressing various buttons on my stereo I have found two buttons that register in android when pressed but as far as I can tell serve no bluetooth function with the grom device. I would like to have these two unassigned buttons assigned to start applications on my device. So in effect I am looking for an app that will let me start applications using hardware buttons, like an internal keyboard or gamepad. I have tried bluetooth launch and a number of bluetooth headset apps with no success. I suspect one work around to use google now for the call button would be renaming the google now app to what ever the voice dialer is named and obscuring the voice dialer by renaming it. If you could direct me down that avenue I'd appreciate it, but I would really like to map the two unassigned stereo buttons to launch apps. Any input or ideas would be appreciated.

    Update: It seems a keyboard quick launcher was part of the android OS but was removed with the release of ICS.

    This app, Quick Launch, has promise but it seems to only support mapping to the Home, search and camera buttons.

  2. efaustus9

    efaustus9 Well-Known Member

    I found that the quick launch functionality is still in ICS, its just hidden. com.android.settings.quicklaunch.QuickLaunchSettings will launch the quick launch configuration for a keyboard. Unfortunately this does not help me as it only lets you assign apps to specific letters and numbers you would find on a keyboard (a-z, 0-9), and my stereo buttons list as buttons 89 and 90. This discovery however might be handy to people who have a bluetooth keyboard or gamepad.

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