Looking to Trade : Iphone5 : 32gb Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

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  1. colobuckeye

    colobuckeye Active Member

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    ..Looking to Trade

    ..32gb Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3


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    ..Other (Explain in Additional Information)

    ..Great: Device in great shape and all original included items

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    ..One silicone case.

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  2. colobuckeye

    colobuckeye Active Member

    Sorry if the above doesn't make sense, new to this. I have a 32gb GS3 and am looking to trade for an iphone5.
  3. Wildo6882

    Wildo6882 Well-Known Member

    PM sent...
  4. colobuckeye

    colobuckeye Active Member

    Still available for trade and would be willing to throw in small amount of cash.

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