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Looking to upgrade, needing some input please

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  1. onyxius

    onyxius New Member

    I'm not sure what happened to my other account maybe it has really been that long since i have signed in.

    Anyway, I have the HTC Inspire and have been having a lot of problems and been through 2 referbs but AT&T isn't being much help. So I am eligible for an upgrade with 2 year contract and was looking at maybe the Motorola atrix or whatever it was and then i saw the Samsung galaxy S II skyrocket and from the looks it was better than the Motorola. Any suggestions on a better upgrade? Back when the inspire worked it was pretty cool, then all the problems arose, and after a few phones and no more help i figured i would try my luck with rooting which was ok but seems rooting made the phone really really slow after a few different fresh roms.

    So, with that in mind, any suggestions? Is there a phone coming out really really soon that will be better then another option?

    Thank's Everyone, I really appreciate the input.

  2. Jrhaggerty

    Jrhaggerty Member

    If you enjoyed HTC Sense and HTC's build quality the HTC Vivid is a great choice, but not necessarily like the top of the line although it is in no way out of date(like the inspire is becoming) but the samsung skyrocket seems like a the better choice over the atrix, even the second atrix, all great phones just my opinions and it all depends on your user interface preference.
  3. Jrhaggerty

    Jrhaggerty Member

  4. onyxius

    onyxius New Member

    I like the sense it is pretty cool but i'm not very picky about the interface that much.

    Ill check out the skyrocket HD as well and see when it's coming out. I'm running out of time with this phone it seems like, it's constantly crashing.

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