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  1. Ok this is my first post here...been a creeper for a very long time lol. No ideo where to post this so this looks as good a place as any? I sent this as a message it's alot to type so i just copied and pasted it haha. Check this out. i don't know what to do. I have the slider and I installed netflix and watched a couple movies and was browsing the net afterwards. my phone was going a little slow so naturally i went to restart my phone. Everything went normal so i thought till i got to the screen right after the lg screen ( used to be the virgin mobile boot animation but changed it to the xbox 360 boot animation ) and that loaded just fine than went to a black screen for a couple seconds than just looped the boot animation again. Well thats all my phone does now, i was curious how long it would do it and i let it go for like 2 hrs while i played mw3 and it just kept going like the damn energizer bunny lol. I used this root method or whatever you want to call it....forums.androidcentralcom/virgin-mobile-optimus-slider/133562-how-root-custom-recovery-nandroid-backup.html i thought i did the recovery or whatever but apparently i had a stoner moment and didn't do it. I could really care less about losing n e thing, i just want my damn phone back. Now I was browsing the forums and came across a couple things like this...androidforumscom/optimus-v-all-things-root/594382-guide-unbrick-upgrade-optimus-v-easy-kdz.html but to be quite honest with you i don't know if the damn things bricked or if it's just a screw up in some code or a conflict when i downloaded netflix or what. This is my last ditch effort to reach out to people that know what they are doing and from the forums u seem to be that guy. if there's any suggestions or any advice u could give me to help diagnose this problem that would be flippin fantastic. can either email me at 13.faces@gmail.com or reply here. Possibly gonna put this as a post also.

    Now I need help asap if possible. If i had another phone i wouldn't care but this is my emergency contact number for my mother and kids and cant exactly afford another phone and quite frankly I'm loving this slider just really want it back :(

  2. sorry can't post links had to doctor them a little bit
  3. ckvamme

    ckvamme New Member

    Im having the same problem with my Optimus slider. I didny make a custom recovery and then I Did something, I dont know what and it is stuck in a bootloop. Is there any fix?
  4. sneaky_1

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    If you don't have a custom recovery you can still try to wipe the cache from the stock recovery. If that doesn't work try the factory reset. Note the factory reset will wipe all your user apps and data. So it will be like when you first powered it up. But any changes made to the /system will still be there, like rooting.

    LG Optimus Slider hard reset - PDA Smartphone PNA hard reset soft reset
  5. IceColdGlacier

    IceColdGlacier Well-Known Member

    Time for you people to get a brand new phone. If you don't know what to do/how to do it, don't do it. Did you learn your lesson yet???


    Make sure you read ALL THE information. Always double check.

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